PolicyCore 3.6 enhances partner management, productivity and product development

The release of Exigen PolicyCore™ 3.6 put some useful additional firepower into the hands of customers, with opportunities to provide a revenue lift or drive more operational efficiency. A good example is the simplified non-premium bearing endorsement process that saves an average of 50% in transaction time.

PolicyCore™ 3.6 is the latest version of Exigen’s underwriting, product development and policy administration system, and according Rowshi Pejooh, vice president of product management, “PolicyCore™ 3.6 has enhancements that appeal to customer-centric organizations interested in achieving differentiation through innovations in product, process and distribution. The common theme is providing insurers more flexibility, with transparency and control, so they can be more agile and responsive to customer needs.”

Here are some of the key areas of enhancement:

Product development:
• enhanced support for collaborative product development
• efficiency improvements in product rules management

User productivity:
• expansion of notes recording and management capability, including quick notes, search, spell check, and rich text support
• the introduction of task management models with escalation and routing capabilities for handling manual tasks in business processes
• drag and drop of files from desktop to the PolicyCore e-Folder

Partner and book of business management: 
• new Partner Scheme management tool, which manages all agreements with distribution partners
• enhancements to single and bulk agency transfer

Policy servicing:
• call-center staff can instantly switch from one language to another to serve multi-lingual clients

System efficiency:
• greater flexibility to manage taxes and fees at the policy or coverage levels
• simplified handling of non-premium bearing endorsements that saves an average of 50% in transaction time

Read the full announcement here.