BillingCore v3.6 Adds Advanced BI and Improved Customer Service Capabilities

Insurers continue to experience significant pain points around their billing operations. Many are experiencing greatest difficulty meeting growing customer service expectations, and with high customer acquisition costs, this is a real problem.  “They need solutions that create customer loyalty,” says Rowshi Pejooh, vice president of product managements, in Exigen Insurance’s announcement of BillingCore 3.6.

“In this significant upgrade of BillingCore,” explains Pejooh, “we have worked with our customers and billing experts to develop user-centric enhancements that equip insurers with the all the tools to analyze billing operations and to create flexible billing plans and operations for a frictionless customer experience.“

The core focus of the BillingCore v3.6 release is improving the system user experience, resulting in a faster and more satisfying response to customer needs, and exposing more detailed billing data to improve both risk analysis and process and performer analysis.

Users will appreciate these key 3.6 enhancements:
  • Extended rule-making capabilities
  • More flexible payment plans and process automation
  • Improved agency and billing management
  • Enhanced agent and customer self-service
  • Greatly expanded billing analytics and reporting through integration with Dynamic Analytics, Exigen Suite’s new business intelligence tool, that includes:
    • More out-of-the-box and customizable billing reports for audit and control of billing transactions, receivables, and refunds 
    • Role-based Billing Dashboard and Billing Scorecard functions 

For more details on the new and enhanced functionality in BillingCore, go here