Operational Strengths Win EIS PolicyCore a “Best-in-Class” in CEB TowerGroup’s PAS Report

Native CRM and communications module, pre-configured LOB solutions and data integration highlighted

Citing a range of operational strengths, CEB TowerGroup awarded PolicyCore™ a “Best-in-Class” award in its recently released Policy Administration Systems Report.

The report, which surveyed a large number of vendor solutions in the North American market and profiled a final 14, evaluated systems based on a comprehensive 24-point diagnostic anatomy.

“The system [PolicyCore] is distinguished by its pre-configured line of business solutions and its native CRM and communications module,” states the report.  “As the customer support needs of personal lines carriers continue to expand, these features will be especially useful. The system received a ‘Best-in-Class’ award for Operational Support, in recognition of this strong customer support (implementation support, training, etc.), external data integrations, and other features. Also notable is the system’s support for forms.”

The recognition comes to EIS Group as a strong endorsement of the company’s commitment to providing end-to-end capabilities and out-of-the-box pre-configured solutions that deliver broad value and reduce core system operational costs for insurers. When PolicyCore is packaged as a full suite with BillingCore and ClaimCore, insurers also benefit from pre-integration of components and a single data model and shared database.

CEB TowerGroup reported the following as PolicyCore product highlights:

CustomerCore: CustomerCore™ is a native CRM and communication module included with PolicyCore. It is insurance-specific rather than adapted from a horizontal solution. It includes role-based interfaces for different types of interactions including self-service, such as Web and mobile applications, and contact center.

Pre-configured solutions: Exigen [now EIS Group] can provide out-of-the-box platforms for several pre-configured LOBs. The packages for auto and home LOBs include pre-configuration of products, processes, and interfaces. When these pre-configurations match insurer needs, they should reduce implementation and upgrade time and costs.

External data integrations: PolicyCore includes a large number of pre-built external data integrations, including address services, geocoding, CLUE, credit reports, mapping, claims reporting, loss history, and others. These integrations are facilitated by selective exposure of external component interfaces as web services.

To download the full profile of PolicyCore, click here.

CEB TowerGroup included a case study of the CSAA Insurance Group, an AAA insurer, deployment of PolicyCore in the report. The implementation of a new, single Policy Admin platform for all insurance products is the foundation of a bottom up technology transformation replacing 6 legacy PAS and 3 legacy billing systems at the $2.8bn DPW insurer.  Download a copy of the case study here.