Creepy & Kooky Genius: How Would the Addams Family Change Insurance?

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, and the “spookiness” so popular this time of year has us wondering… if the Addams family worked in insurance, what would they do? 

And… would they make the insurance world better, or worse? 🤔

Here are our thoughts on the matter… but we’d love to hear what you think!

Gomez Addams: Chief Financial Officer

Gomez is a family man, and while his mansion might have a little bit of dust and spider webs around it, with his large household and staff, he clearly knows how to manage his wealth. Plus, his dedication to his family means that even if he does take on some higher-risk investments, he knows how to make sure things will pan out, and/or the risk is safely mitigated in other areas. 

As an insurance company’s CFO, Gomez would guarantee ‌enduring sustainability for the insurer. He’d always keep the long-term vision in mind, and make sure any changes to operations (like a digital transformation or an updated coretech platform) would pay off in the long run. 

He’d also be an advocate for greenfield projects, because with their nimble and agile nature, adjustments to finances can be made quickly to provide a high ROI on any new venture.

Morticia Addams: Chief Executive Officer

With Morticia’s elegance and matriarchal spirit, she makes a great head of household: she can intuitively manage internal and external relationships, and keeps all the household operations running smoothly. 

With her knack for unconventional strategies, Morticia would be great at driving an insurer out of their old, legacy ways and into the future. She’d be truly innovative, and help the company create customer-centric experiences, do their jobs more efficiently, and create value for shareholders.

With her fingers on the pulse of how everything ticks, she’d be able to see clearly and quickly where operational upgrades should be made, and what the outcomes should be.

Wednesday Addams: Head of Fraud Investigation

With Wednesday’s natural intelligence and fascination with detail (often relating to death), she’d be a perfect candidate for starting her career in the fraud investigation department of an insurance company. 

But because she’s so dedicated to her passions, she’d quickly rise through the ranks to lead the department. She’d be fascinated with how newer technologies like machine learning could cut to the chase of figuring out whether a case was fraudulent or not. (She would’ve been a massive fan of EIS Detect.)

Pugsley Addams: Claims Adjuster

Following in his sister’s footsteps, Pugsley would also work in claims, though in a slightly different capacity. His natural propensity towards experiments and dangerous pranks makes him very well-suited to work as a claims adjuster. 

He could use his deviousness for good to stop unnecessary claims leakage by evaluating claims from his own, um, unique perspective.

Uncle Fester: Product Innovation Specialist

Gomez’s brother, Fester, has a unique ability to generate electricity and get into some literally explosive situations. 

While he himself might be a nightmare to insure, if working for an insurer, Fester’d be a brilliant candidate for product innovation. While insurance companies can typically rely on certain tried-and-true policy types, the world of insurance is changing. Quickly. With Fester’s mind for creativity, we think he could thrive in this environment. 

New approaches to insurance are needed, and the market is letting insurers know loud and clear that they’d love to see some more innovative product types. Someone like Fester could grab a hold of the wildest ideas out there, run experiments with risk models, and pinpoint a product that’s both profitable for the insurer and beneficial to the customers asking for it. 

(And we think he’d love using PolicyCore to get those unique, in-demand products to market ASAP.)

Lurch: Customer Service Representative

You rang? 

As the butler to the Addams family, Lurch was there to help anytime someone… well… rang. Clearly, he’d make a great customer service representative. 

Lurch might be a little scary-looking with an intimidatingly deep voice, but we think his heart is in the right place. What Lurch could use, though, is some automation and help in his demanding job… whether it’s as a butler or as an insurance customer service rep. 

If, as a customer service representative, he had access to the customer-centric setup of CustomerCore, his job would be much easier. He could get the full 360-degree view of the customer instantly, without digging through multiple platforms and screens to find what the customer needs. 

And who knows… maybe the iconic “You rang?” would be a little more chipper.

Thing: Automation Enabler

Working with Lurch in the customer service department, Thing would use his propensity to take care of the small, menial tasks with the use of AI… so he could allocate more time to his mischievous tricks. 

By working for an insurer with an event-driven core system, Thing could free himself up from hours of manual, mind-numbing work by setting up workflows that take care of (almost) everything for him. Instead of having to manually update customer records while on the phone with a customer, for example, he could integrate with data partners to update information based on public records, or enable chatbot automations so customers can chat in at any time of day to make updates to their accounts.

🎵 They’re savvy and they’re wise
In insurance, they rise
With innovation, they surprise
The Addams family  

Dun dun dun dun… (snap snap)

🎵 They’re breaking all the molds
Their policy types are bold
And their profits are ten-fold
The Addams family

Dun dun dun dun… (snap snap)

🫰🫰 Want to know more about Wednesday’s fascination with EIS Detect or why Lurch loves CustomerCore so much? Book a call with one of our experts. (And we’ll help you in a… snap snap.)


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