How a persona-based DXP can create customized user experiences

In today’s rapidly changing insurance landscape, all eyes are on the customer. They are empowered. And they have more control than ever before – of who their insurers are and how and when they communicate with them. And the competition among insurers is stiff. Reaching customers today requires personalization, something most insurers believe they can drastically improve. According to our “2020 Insurer Compass” report conducted by Insurtech Insights, 86% of insurance professionals believe the industry is doing an average, poor, or very poor job providing personalized experiences for potential customers, a key way to attract them.  Insurers that seek to win and retain today’s customers will engage them on a highly personalized level. This means reaching them on their terms – anytime, anywhere, using the communication avenues that are most convenient for them. It also means taking advantage of a persona-based digital experience platform (DXP) within their core solution.

What is a persona-based DXP?

A DXP is one of the fundamental building blocks for creating an interconnected customer experience. It allows you to create apps quickly and easily, using drop-down menus and other customer-friendly fields. It relies on APIs to extract data from underlying systems and translate it for use within the DXP. A persona-based DXP is a specific platform that offers pre-built “personas” reflecting common types of insurtech users, including the underwriter, claims processor or billing agent. It offers pre-built experiences to reflect their tasks, such as FNOL or payment processing.

How can persona-based DXPs improve productivity and user experience?

When you’re trying to reach customers, customizing experiences is key. But building it all yourself takes time and resources you likely don’t have. Utilizing pre-built personas enables your business users to initiate customer experiences intuitively and quickly. Through the process, they gain confidence and become more productive. In addition, persona-based DXPs offer ecosystem support for easily integrating with multiple policy admin systems or flexibly incorporating partners, distribution channels, and insurtechs.

Key benefits of a persona-based DXP include:

  •       High-quality, persona-driven omni-channel experiences for customers and partners 
  •       Packaging of products and services for digital distribution 
  •       Lower cost of digital experience delivery 
  •       Acceleration of digital transformation

An advanced, persona-based DXP gives you the ability to deliver responsive, engaging, and satisfying customer experiences across every channel. With a robust DXP, your customers, producers, and employees have complete, real-time information at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need it. For more information on persona-based DXPs and other ways to reach customers in 2021, download  “How to Become a High Velocity Insurer and Win in the New Digital Economy.”

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