How legacy systems are limiting the workforce benefits insurance experience

Like many aspects of the way people live and work in a COVID world, the workforce benefits industry is transforming to accommodate the new priorities of the workforce while addressing existing staffing challenges. 

In response to what has become known as The Great Resignation, employers are adjusting employee benefit packages and products to align with these new priorities and gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

At the same time, employers are looking at how to navigate and manage new types of absences along with continuously evolving guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state and local governments.   

With all of these new factors to juggle, HR teams are under a lot of pressure to make the enrollment process for a distributed workforce as easy as possible. They’re looking for tools and resources to streamline their operations, give them time back in their day and improve the employee experience. Technology vendors can provide this relief and support with technology that automates and personalizes the enrollment process and solves the daily challenges of managing the benefits after enrollment, creating a better benefits experience overall.  

Your current benefits enrollment systems aren’t working

Despite all of today’s advancements, benefits enrollment is still an extremely manual process. You’ll find many different systems being used to keep track of employees, from Microsoft Excel and Access to platforms such as PlanSource. These systems demand a lot of staff time to maintain organized and accurate data and records.

Furthermore, most legacy systems can’t support integration with digital online payer and provider systems, preventing them from connecting with each other and sharing data. Many insurers are operating with patchwork systems, layering in and purchasing multiple technologies to build a more integrated program in hopes of making the enrollment process easier for employees.

There is a better way to handle your benefits enrollment process. Third party enrollment platforms built on coretech integrate with a business’ policy administration system for a more simplified and streamlined process. 

How does coretech optimize benefits enrollment?  

Transforming your benefits platform is not easy. It requires staff and financial resources dedicated to implementation, training and change management. However, the benefits to using this technology greatly outweigh the costs. Here’s what you’ll gain with coretech when it comes to benefits enrollment:  

  • Operational scalability. It’s no longer an option for employers and providers to support employees across many different channels 24/7. Today’s customer expects a fluid, consistent experience. Coretech solutions allow you to provide year-round enrollment, include more policies for employees to choose from, and help employees make quicker, more educated decisions. 
  • More flexibility for employees. Coretech gives the employee the opportunity to manage their own benefits and play an active role in them. Because of this, it frees up an HR staff’s time during an administrative-heavy season by creating a streamlined process to initiate and complete benefits-related tasks.
  • More accurate data. Coretech allows all of the various platforms and systems being used across providers to communicate with each other, creating a single source for member data. This ultimately leads to improved experiences and coordinated care between providers because patient information and history is easily accessible and available.
  • Greater personalization of benefits. Coretech solutions allow providers to better guide employees in their benefits choice, and to present more relevant products and plans to specific groups of employees as well. Essentially, coretech systems can help employers personalize next year’s plan by providing them tips on how to maximize existing products and suggest new products based on historical information about their health and plan usage.

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