Why Health and Dental Insurers Need Better Plan Flexibility

Already at play around the globe, consumerization catapulted to the top of insurers’ priorities list with COVID-19. Consumers have come to expect that everything will be available online and all the time. Health and dental insurance is no different. Health and dental plan members demand more flexibility and control over their coverage and accessibility at their fingertips. 

But insurance software portals seem archaic by today’s consumer standards due to the backend constraints of legacy systems. 

If carriers upgrade their legacy systems, it will allow for more flexibility in plan design and give them the opportunity to offer new plans. This is a win/win, benefiting insurers while helping them meet the needs of the consumer.  

Patient expectations changed over time, but systems remain stagnant

Even a decade ago, patients were a captive audience, waiting for their physicians or dentists to diagnose a problem and following only that advice. Today, by contrast, patients research their symptoms before they even make an appointment. They want to know what’s causing their problem and whether they can manage it on their own.

But healthcare administration and insurance has lagged behind this consumerization trend, and legacy insurance systems infrastructure has held the industry back from adapting a more consumer-driven model. 

Legacy insurance systems can be rigid and stagnant, and the multiple layers of code can be a challenge to alter. As a result, “the way we’ve always done things” has become the industry’s motto.

With EIS’ application programming interface (API), the easy-to-navigate EIS portal creates a unique experience tailored for each visitor. The EIS API system carries two main benefits:

Low code. Without layers of coding or administrative tasks holding back change, programs interact and integrate seamlessly, and plan changes can be executed quickly and easily – benefiting both the carrier and the consumer.  

Flexible plan design. Plan changes can be made anytime, anywhere to meet the needs of consumers. The EIS system allows for customization and is responsive to consumer needs.

Legacy systems get in the way of what your members want, but they don’t have to. Upgrading your legacy systems not only improves consumer satisfaction, but it’s better for your business, too. Get on the bandwagon now so you’re not left behind.

Contact EIS today to learn more about how our platform can help you move beyond legacy systems and reach your members where they are — digitally.

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