Exigen Suite Certified and Ready to Go on IBM’s New PureSystems

Today IBM announced its new family of expert integrated systems, IBM PureSystems. We’re very pleased to be among a select list of IBM’s business partners certified on PureSystems. PureSystems is a new class of systems that combines the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance with integrated expertise to change the experience and economics of IT.

How to Maximize Scalability in SaaS Insurance Core Systems Design

A key benefit of a software-as-a-service deployment is scalability. Indeed, employing well-designed SaaS solutions can offer near linear scalability. The benefit comes not only from the platform and infrastructure design. Sometimes overlooked, the software design itself also plays a big role.

Congratulations to NBIC CIO Mike Anselmo on Elite 8 Award

Our warmest congratulations to customer Mike Anselmo, CIO of Narragansett Bay Insurance Company (NBIC), on his 2011 Elite 8 award. Exigen Insurance has the distinct pleasure this year of offering congratulations to two of our customer CIOs on their 2011 Elite 8 awards. Mike Anselmo is joined by Karl Uphoff, CIO of global consumer lines at Chartis.