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With the ability to accelerate sales, expand distribution, and simplify the customer experience, perhaps no other trend in insurance has gained as much traction as quickly as embedded insurance.

We have consolidated a wealth of information on this important and fascinating topic. Please help yourself to the white paper, infographic, and thought leadership collected below. We hope you and your colleagues will join us for this discussion. 

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New Webinar! Embedded Insurance 2.0: How Incumbents can Realize the $3.5 Trillion Market Opportunity

In this free webinar, subject matter experts Simon Torrance and Rory Yates will discuss how insurers can seize embedded insurance opportunities and deflect competitive threats, insights from a recent survey of the world’s leading insurers, best strategies, technology upgrades to support the customer-centric future of insurance, and more.

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New Whitepaper! Embedded insurance: A new route to growth and value

Learn what Simon Torrance, founder, Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies, has to say about embedded insurance.

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5 Reasons Embedded Insurance 2.0 is the Next New Thing

With cloud-native core systems, insurers can now combine and analyze customer, IoT, and other data to personalize experiences. We call it “embedded insurance 2.0.”

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How Embedded Insurance Can Drive Growth and Value for the Insurance and Finance Sectors

With the potential to generate trillions of dollars in new market value, embedded insurance is one of the most interesting models ambitious insurers are launching to capitalize on rapidly changing expectations for customer experiences.

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Preventing Catastrophe: How Embedded Insurance 2.0 will Drive Risk Mitigation

What if the insurance industry could be built around the fundamental principle of prevention rather than cure? Rory Yates, head of strategy, EMEA, and Asia Pac, EIS, takes a look at how embedded cover can be part of the solution

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Embedded Insurance 2.0: Helping Insurers Defend Against Disruption

Slow to innovate their products and customer experiences, the simple truth is insurance has long been vulnerable to disruption. New market entrants from insurtechs, tech giants like Amazon, and “greenfield” launches from more traditional insurers are elbowing their way into insurance markets and syphoning market share from more established insurers.

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Embedded Insurance 2.0: How it Will Change Customer Relationships Forever

One of the greatest challenges insurers face is the annualised nature of their customer relationships and the ease with which people switch carriers. When the sole determinant of a relationship’s future is price, it’s easy to lure people away with a less expensive offer.

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