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From M&A to convergence with health insurance carriers, dental and ancillary insurers face a rapidly changing market. But ambitious dental insurers see growing opportunities where others see only threats to their current operating models.

In conjunction with the 2022 National Association of Dental Plans conference, we have consolidated a wealth of information for dental and ancillary insurers who are ready to consider

  • New business models
  • New partners, and 
  • New customer experiences to ever-more sophisticated consumers

At EIS, we’re eager to help you realize your goals and to set you free from the limitations of legacy technology and thinking. Please help yourself to the white papers, blog entries and thought leadership collected below.

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The latest in dental insurance thought leadership

How Old-School Thinking is Holding Dental Insurance Technology Back

Dental insurance CIOs and CTOs are often stuck in old technology processes. Improving their prospects means fully embracing new Agile technologies…

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For Health Plans, A Seamless Customer Journey Means Adding Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental, vision, and medical policies developed separately because they were launched at different times in history. Now customer expectations are…

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Why Health and Dental Insurers Need Better Plan Flexibility

Already at play around the globe, consumerization catapulted to the top of insurers’ priorities list with COVID-19. Consumers have come to expect…

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Convenience and simplicity are the keys to a better dental plan member experience

Over the last year, the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP)’s future of dental care task force studied emerging industry trends to assess…

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How dental plans can partner smarter

Convergence of health and dental insurance is on the rise, representing a shift for the insurance landscape and a challenge for standalone dental…

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Why health and dental plans need cloud-native platforms

Unlike sluggish legacy systems, cloud-native technology helps health and dental insurers meet the opportunities and challenges of convergence.

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Dental Insurers Brace for Impact

Once safely isolated from the digital transformation of insurance, the global pandemic is forcing dental insurers to swallow a lot of change all at once.

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A deeper dive into dental insurance and digital transformation

Buyer’s Guide to Insurance Core Systems for Dental Plans 

Here are the business goals that are the most vital for the future of dental insurance, and the underlying functionality needed to make them a reality.

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When Insurtech Meets Coretech, the Dental Plan Member Wins

To achieve member centricity and be more efficient in everything they do, the solution for dental insurers is coretech.

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The New Dental Insurance Market: How Leading Insurers are Overcoming Technology Limitations and Taking on the Competition

Sustainability in today’s dental and ancillary benefits market requires greater connectivity along the value chain. Here’s how new technologies can help.

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